Lorenzo Sperzaga

Via alla Marina 5/1

17100 Savona

Lorenzo Sperzaga was born in Cremona on January 9, 1979. He graduated from the Liceo scientifico L.Respighi of Piacenza in '98 and then attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Milan N.A.B.A. Until graduation in 2003, developing a thesis on the cast shadow: particularly inclined to the clarity of contrasts, it immediately develops a study of the incisiveness of the illumination and related contents.


At the end of his studies, while living in Milan he works first in Renata Kness's contemporary art restoration studio and then in the workshop of Aldo Isgrò (brother of the famous artist Emilio). He has such a way of studying and perfecting his technique by comparing himself with the great artists of the twentieth century, and he has the opportunity to examine the works closely.




At the same time, Sperzaga is accompanied by intense theatrical activity, which will also feature a peculiarly pictorial production: already influenced by black and white cinema (whose photography forced for particular illumination conditions) will remain equally linked to the use of headlamps scene.


He returned to Cremona in 2007, while he founded and manages the cultural association Giano (dealing with artistic directorships, interpretations and plays in theater productions), he started an intense collaboration with architect Sergio Carboni's Welcome Home studio, creating numerous customer commissions.


Lecturer for 8 years of theatrical techniques at the Catholic University of Milan, actor and director in various theater groups active between Brescia, Cremona and Milan, he continues to support the activity of the show to artistic production and, while keeping the painting activity on commission alive, it does not interrupt a personal research by continuing to develop symbolist contents and to strengthen a style in which the dramatic tones of theatrical expressiveness are privileged.


From 2018 he moved with his family to Savona, in a house facing the sea, which immediately became a source of inspiration for his latest production. On a reef near his new home, he celebrates his wedding with Marta in 2019, continuing to strengthen his bond with the sea.


-2012 Premio Afrodite

Personal Exhibitions

-2019 Lucca Art Fair / Fiera d'arte - Lucca, Italia

-2019 ExpoArte / Fiera - Montichiari (BS), Italia

-2019 ARTE GENOVA 2019 / Fiera d'arte - Genova, Italia

-2019 ArteFiera di Cremona / Fiera - Cremona, Italia

-2019 Lorenzo Sperzaga / Comune - Albenga (SV), Italia

-2017 ArteFiera di Cremona / Fiera - Cremona, Italia

-2017 ArtePadova / Fiera - Padova, Italia

-2016 Arcana / Galleria PIKIDI - Cremona, Italia

Afrodite Prize winner:

St.George, 100x150, Enamel on canvas, 2011

Collective Exhibitions

-2019 Biennale del Sud - Argille d'oro / Comune - Matera, Italia

-2019 COLLETTIVA / Galleria Curcio - Noli (SV), Italia

-2019 Io Sono Natura / ONART Gallery - Firenza, Italia

Repertoire paintings


Lilith - the forgotten bride, 80x120, Acrylic on canvas, 2017

sphinx sfingetarot mat

LE.MAT, 150x75,5, Acrylic on canvas, 2013


David and David, 150x100, Enamel on canvas, 2007


S.Cristoforo, 100x140, Enamel on canvas, 2006


Dario, 120x80, Oil on canvas, 2002



Lorenzo Sperzaga's artistic path is a continuous search for spiritual truth in addition to matter. The inspiration comes from the contemplation of nature, the pictorial act is experienced as a meditative process, forgetting about forms and appearances, in this way the pictorial representation is not a copy of nature, but the expression of a vision of an experience of spiritual truth.


The search for detail is not a technical exercise, but expresses the desire to penetrate the true essence of things. With the loss of interest in form as an impression, Sperzaga's creative process is similar to that of informal art.


In recent productions, having abandoned his more cerebral symbolism, he is turned towards an expression more sublimated by the contents. What we perceive in the "Breath" cycle, for example, is the sense of belonging with nature and the universe, the dissolution of the ego into a larger cycle of existence, the desire to participate in the cosmic rhythm by abandoning ourself to it.

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